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>urge to add fat
How did I stumble into the /fph/ thread?

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That's the thing, I don't have a solution. Rather, I don't see any chance of repair to this civilization.
Why? Because people don't realize it's horribly broken, or simply don't care. The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that it exists.

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>what's wrong with you?????
>no you can't be mean
this is what you said, limp-wristed alzheimers having faggot.

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Anyone who says 5 is a sociopath and you can't tell me otherwise. There's skull measurements somewhere that will confirm this.

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Prob a black guy, maybe a italian if he was feeling particulary spicy that day

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This is sadly true. Might is right, and is the greatest divide between those who rule and those who die trying to rule.
I agree with the divine authority bit. Our monkey brains are far to chaotic and self destructive in order to establish a long standing authority, which benefits ourselves outside of immediate short term gratification.

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>I don't even know what you believe, but I'm certain that it's wrong, whatever it is
world class intellect

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any knowledge of a superstructure as i imagine you interpret that is impossible. same with infinity, though you aren't wrong there in the fact that you only regarded it as "possible". though when you use language you've already subjected yourself to necessary universal falsehood, in application to all things including this reply

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Modern scholarship has been politicized and its primary goal is the elimination of all prejudices. This refers not just to irrational prejudices, but also reasonable ones. Standard are bad. Preferences are bad. The assumption is that if you value one thing over another thing, then you just aren't looking at it closely enough. The inevitable result of is poetry experts who've had all the literature in all of the world at their fingertips sitting down to applaud the vaguely musical social posturing of street apes with IQs so low that they could literally dip into the clinically retarded range on a bad day. It's all a joke. Stop giving a shit about the humanities and let them burn themselves down.

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>tfw no obsessive helena gf
why even live

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mm.. I will catch you cowboy... along with my drug money..
right after this Crunchwrap Supreme™ and Mountain Dew Baja Blast™ only available at Taco Bell™

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I absolutely adore how there's been large-scale communist experiments all over the globe for a century now and yet to this day the only thing commies have to support their ramblings lies completely within the realm of theory because it always shatters the second it comes into contact with reality. Communists are some of the only people on the planet you should always feel comfortable laughing off.

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