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>My senses tell me I should kill myself

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>equivalent of Chomsky and Foucault
>muh public intellectual
>hasnt been a masterpiece novel written within the past 50 years
>great writers are dying one by one
>funding for libraries keeps being cut
>Universities have been infiltrated
Lol. Get a load of this nihilist intellectual powerhouse.
All your modernist philosophers were THE EXACT SAME LARPERS as Zizek and Peterson, just far more articulate.
There hasn't been a master novel written in over 200 years. Maybe even in 500 years. This is literally a meaningless argument.
And their debate was hardly a "debate". More like Peterson saying some basic shit againts Marxism and Zizek agreeing and expanding Peterson's ideas with ZIzek's own greater understanding.
For a contrarian manic, Zizek was possibly the most honest he's ever bee in this "debate".

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