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Hey /lit/,

Is this guy a genius? He's written 50+ books on math, physics, and philosophy.

Says he's able to design a perpetual motion device and solved all paradoxes in philosophy.



Here's the blurb:

>Nathan Coppedge has been hailed as one of the top three theorists of perpetual motion, the others being Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. This is the long-awaited print form of Nathan's designs, including all variations of the first twelve concepts Nathan thought up. Also included are the 'early failures,' 'perpetual motion oddities', and 'apparatures' or mobile building concepts. This 5th Edition has been updated to include a new introduction, as well as over 20 new pages on original design principles in a new section. Recent devices are added periodically.

>"I have two major experiments which seem to vindicate exceptions in the laws of physics. I also have minor experiments that confirm things we should already have known."

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