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>but I just can't see this type of society even working
The society isnt very much supposed to be an accurate prediction, but a set of diferent theories melt together. Huxley explains this very well in the BNW Revisited, and shows his arguements that lead him to think that society could go look like that in any of those particular theories.
Near the end where the main character talks with one of the world leaders he expands more or less his ideas aswell.
But if you dont want to sit around a analise the whole book i recommend you to read BNW revisited.

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It depends on what we are dealing with.
If we put things in theory, we cant make take many conclusions. But in reality/in practice.
A person who has slept with many others in swings, hookups, it means that he/she probably hasnt much self control and is probably shallow,with not much culture and a most likely iliterate hedonist.

If we are talking about a person that has had some past boyfriends/girlfriends and slept with them, then we cant take anything out of that alone.
Guy in pic probably only speaks like that because he himself wants and craves for a lifestyle of hookups and swings and wants to sound approving to other women who do that.
His argument and comparison is also extremelly weak and pointless. And shows ignorance.

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