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Does your hand cramp? Since youth I cannot make it through a page or two without a massive hand cramp.

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Your dreams are cool, my dream last night was on receiving a paper copy of an essay I recently submitted. It had been graded poorly but with no explanation as to why, despite a few underlined sentences with uncharacteristic grammatical errors) and graded to the exact degree that I could no longer achieve an “A” in the class. It was a five page essay, but the stack I received was easily 50 pages; so thick that it had one of those black clips on it instead of a staple. My professor, a very attractive and intelligent woman (whose classes I have aced in the past three times now) said it was no big deal. In the dream, I expressed sadness to my wife, who also said it was no big deal. I noticed then that the weather outside (for we were, as I realized, outside on a type of grassy suburban area potentially like a campus), and felt that it was sweltering. I began to sweat and wish for shade.

At this point my daughter kicked me in the kidney in her sleep and I woke up.
> Based toddler

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Who is the most miserable character in literature?

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