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Decent guide for Greek stuff. Add in some secondary literature like Five Stages Of Greek Religion or the Blackwell Companion To Greek Religion

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It's helped me make a lot of friends with Silent gen men.

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Is this a good start with the Greeks list?

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>become a homosexual pedophile
is it worth it?

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Start with a better list

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>start with the greeks
I've finished the initial history book and Pope's Illiad/Odyssey. Can anyone recommend editions that combine the rest in the fewest volumes? Hardback would be great. /chart/ general as well I guess.

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Hi anons, I want to compile myself a philosophy reading curriculae and I have to start with the Greeks. The issue is from what I see on the sources and infographics list always have more random secondary sources I don't care about and bullshit books about history or some boring shit some woman wrote in 2007 about Greek irrigation. Is there an actual good list of actual philosophy I can read to get a good grasp of the Greeks?
Also I've already read the odyssey illiad and oedipussy

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read the greeks

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Check these out
Moby Dick
The Count of Monte Cristo
Don Quixote
100 years of solitude
Crime and Punishment
The Brothers Karamazov
War and Peace

Or you could start with the Greeks with picrel

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Oops forgot the chart, here it is

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>There is a better chart in beginning son here, it is the blue one
IMO more isn't better. They grey chart in >>19139662 is better I think because it's concise and sensible (orange = supplemental).

The pic related blue chart is all over the place and the colours make no sense. I mean in what world do people need to read two Oxford textbooks and then slog through Apollodorus's snorefest just to start the Iliad (the inaccurate, latinate Pope translation to boot).

The grey chart is much more sensible to me: smash through Hamilton and then just read the important shit, supplementing only if you really want.

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Anyone have a chart for Jung? Maybe some charts for relevant ancient history for regions that are talked about less?

What is this, erotic tragedies?

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I think it's a good idea to learn about the pre-socratics but reading in chronological order probably isn't that important as long as you read footnotes or a history of ancient greece along side whatever philosopher you choose to start with. Then again I haven't read enough yet to say for sure. Right now I'm reading 'History of Western Philosophy' by Russel, he's biased but I think his overview is broad and inclusive enough to give a bird's eye view of the philosophical landscape of ancient greece in the first and second parts. It's engaging enough and provides historical context along with brief summaries of what each philosopher thought. I'm probably going to follow it up with the first book on this chart among others to make sure I'm not being infected by a specific narrative. I'm too new to this to give any recs but if you really want to go deep into it and have a wide context, it's probably best to start with Plato, Homer and a general history of ancient greece.

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Start from the top chief

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whenever youve completed this chart

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Post /lit/ charts

Is this image still the most based start with the greeks chart?

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Is this version of starting with the greeks better or worse than the one I posted?

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Oh, I also forgot to mention, I'm going to bed in about 1 hour, but I think the posts in board live a lot longer and are slower than what I'm used to,so I'll also check it out tomorrow if it's alive, or in the archive.

Anyway, here's flowchart greeks number 2, are these any good for starting?

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