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idk man
maybe youre right
maybe youre wrong

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>looking for "morals" in fiction

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>Smartphones are great

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Is he ever, EVER going to publish the next book let alone finish the series?

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>tfw latin americans stole magical realism from east europeans and turned it into milquetoast bourgeois garbage

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>37 posters
>Over 200 posts

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>The hobbit

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I don't see the point in anything but doing the bare minimum to survive.

I don't even see the point in putting my thoughts onto paper because who'd read it? Bunch of faggots, that's who. And what would they do with it? Discuss it online with other faggots. Why bother? It's all vanity, you have to be incredibly vain to think other people give a shit about your writing and/or incredibly desperate for approval to want other people to read your private thoughts. I'm even making this thread because I'm the latter, haha. Fucking christ on a stick, why was I even born.

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>Planning for tomorrow

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>female lead

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Notes from the underground looks like one of those horrible supermarket romans.

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This is just the most pathetic thing I've ever seen on this board. And I've seen a thread that was literally just a picture of shit in a toilet with the comment 'rate my poopie tb.h'

You redditors come here and get BTFO, so you set up a little hugbox memechat for yourselves where you can all have epin personalities and usernames. It's a failure because nobody here wants to deal with your crap, so you take turns spamming contentless advertisements on this board to lure other redditors and narcissists into your trap.
Even still, nobody wants to deal with it, and it keeps getting close to pruned. You then bump it over and over again with the hope that even one imbecile sees it and is dumb enough to follow the link. Then the IP count shows that aside from me and the first guy to respond, there are only two of you running this little scheme.

You need to rethink your life and priorities.

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What can I read to come to grips with and further understand millennials' affinity for astrology? I thought this generation was mostly done with "spirituality". I'm probably just detached.

>girl took me to a spiritual shop
>mfw she asked me if she should buy a chakra necklace
>mfw she asked the guy with a ponytail at the counter how much a palm reading was
>mfw $25


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ITT: Phrases that immediately give someone away as a turbopleb

I'll start.

*academic consensus destroys their view*
"Literature is all subjective though."


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I agree, but don't say you love them. Because it's a shell of a statement. Those words will be empty to them.

OP is not suicidal and that's not a real suicide note

A real suicide note reads like this:

>Fuck you all. I hate this fucked up world. I hate myself. I'm done.

It won't say stupid shit like "Donate my fucking organs to science please"

OP is a lying sack of shit, and you're a fucking retard for believing him.

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You sound so juvenile and so does your question.
>before or after him

Enjoy high school!

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>reading genre fiction

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