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>fairly minor importance
That's rich considering niggers and spics want as much representation as possible
Yes ideology is part of that equation and only certain groups understand that ideology. Some people think freedom is about doing anything, and I mean anything, when freedom is being used as a synonym for liberty.
>American became a concept. They only brought division in the eyes of people who were not smart enough to perceive the conceptual unity between increasingly diverse Americans
What on earth is good about being more diverse? American have increasingly become dumber, more violent, fatter, with test scores dropping and even literacy rate falling with crime increasing in the diverse areas and social cohesion out the fucking window. Is that good? Do you think our immigration policy is the best in the world? It's not, we allow anyone to come here. Anyone. Read up on the 1965 and 1990 Immigration Act. No country on earth has done this to themselves by changing their entire ethnic group for no reason whatsoever.

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