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Do you guys ever write things solely as an exercise? I'm thinking about trying to describe random things and events I witness throughout the day to try to improve my writing skills

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Okay, /lit/, tourist here.

I have never read a book unironically in my life (let alone ironically). The lengthiest piece text I have read is probably some copypasta in /x/. I have finally decided to educate myself. Where do I even start? Is there any saving?

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I'm poor and autistic and unemployed and a virgin and am generally unhappy with where I am in life and I haven't traveled any in my life

I like to read books with a strong sense of location (and optionally some traveling)

Not nonfiction stuff because it makes me jealous (unless the author is actually a nice person idk)
No fantasy or sci-fi stuff either I like things that feel close to earth like characters walking on actual earth and feeling the sun and getting rocked by waves and they go places and there are actual people living in those places

I read the count of monte cristo last year and really liked the sailing islands stuff and the parts in rome
Previously I read some chinese classics and I liked em but those are long and feel too translationy sometimes a bit dumb

Plot doesn't matter too much

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mummy thinks i'm very smort for reading books in english

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>light is made of atoms

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Hello /lit/ i am a literature virgin. I was wondering if you guys knew of any lists that have all literature ever published that can be sorted by date. I know a list that extensive probably doesnt exist. Looking for the closest thing to it though. I was thinking open library but there doesnt seem to be a reliable way to sort by date published, and there are books labeled with the wrong date on there.

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>Give me a break. This is why I just play video games.

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>finally meet a grill interested in the /lit/ lifestyle
>go to museums together, exchange books, etc.
>talk about /lit/ topics over a bottle of wine
>barely responds to my messages

Should I call her a whore and end it lads I'm desperate here my uni is a /lit/ wasteland. Advice on how to sustain and develop this relationship?

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Wow, everything here is really awesome to read! Thanks anons.

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If you line those books up correctly or get more will they form a cohesive picture of a landscape?
Also which TMaM edition are you getting?

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>at least the hippies of the 60s had a genuine "peace and love" concept that was more universal, millenials "peace and love" is just a smug know-it-all attitude that is meant purely to feel superior

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i don't know what you guys r sayin

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>"read Gravity's Rainbow, it's a masterpiece"
>old guy eats shit and drinks piss

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>Dostoy and Tolstoevskiy

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>how to change the world without letting retards fuck it up
>my ego is so large I can't handle any outside interference to any plan I make
Realizing that others are alive and conscious, some of them more self aware than you, might help you.

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Do writers get groupies? If so I want to be a writer

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i cnae derstand ulsyses

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Sounds boring desu

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