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Caesar's Commentaries, Campaigns of Napoleon, Conquest of New Spain, Siege of Malta, The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia, oh and The Witcher books.
I'm 21.

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I have never read a Stephen King novel and I never will.

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I refuse to use the oxford comma under any circumstances and I refuse to capitalize any word other than I

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More blessed posts like this please

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>People have different opinions
dont care

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I think Wuxia is a more generalized term like martial arts while Xianxia is wuxia plus some fantasy shit

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the bible

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Why yes I do shill professionally for the government thanks for noticing

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>I'm waiting to see if someone greentexts this with a basedboy or gigachad before I form my opinion on it

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Dude had a theory that little girls were jealous of their dad penis and wanted to fuck their mom. It's a whole can of worms

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Sounds like a killer back story to a great philosopher. Lmao

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>My philosophy?
>Think what the Jews would want me to do. Then do the opposite.

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>goo gaa ur moral system bad, mines good

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If you read some fiction by Yidkovsky, you will immediately notice that he writes like an edgy junior high student. His characters are shallow, transparent self-inserts that pwn their friends with facts and logic. Clearly a power fantasy and a retelling of some shameful memories in a way Yudcucksky wishes they have happened.

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Chad Chadson should father children with both the twins, as he is more practically and genetically capable than Autist and therefore his progeny will likely be able to contribute the most to their continued survival. He should also bonk Autist on the head with a rock by surprise to kill him mercifully and ensure all the resources they can harness are used for helping with the growth of healthy and productive children. Chad should not father children with only one of the sisters over the other, as that would be unfair to the sister that is not chosen, harm relationships between the productive island residents, and waste the reproductive potential of the population.

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This is the correct combination.

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The complete works of Plato
The discourses of Epictetus

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>fapped to AI erotica

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>You-jean On-again

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