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this girl OWES me sex

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>You could be smashing prime grade Norwegian pussy
you think i have sex?

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Yes it has

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This board has been infiltrated by normies waging psychological warfare to prevent us from becoming sages, and I can prove it. For many years I have been shamed by posters here into not pissing in jugs, being told it's degenerate and abnormal. But I just realized, all of my favorite philosophers lived before indoor plumbing, and all of them pissed in jugs and pots. They even called them pisspots, like our modern pissjugs. Kant pissed in pisspots (pissjugs), Hegel pissed in pissjugs, Schlegen and Schopenhauer pissed in pissjugs. Suddenly NORMIES come along and start saying there's something wrong with pissing in pissjugs? That we should all waste five minutes of philosophy time, and wake mom up, walking all the way to the bathroom to piss, instead of just pissing in a jug and emptying it later like a normal person.

What is the point of this psyop? They wouldn't invest this much time and energy in it if it wasn't important. Pissjugs must be vital somehow. We need to break free of their programming.

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>that guy on Goodreads who adds an Arabic edition of a book with a publication date of 1397 despite it being an American book from the 20th Century
>that guy and Goodreads whose reviews are always in Spanish
>those guys on Goodreads that are constantly warring against each other on whether The Iliad was published in 800 or 750 BCE
>that guy on Goodreads who always accidentally removes a book's publication date when editing some other detail, messing up the placement on your shelf
>that guy on Goodreads who keeps changing the publication dates of ancient texts to the date of first translation/transcription, hundreds of years after it was actually conceived

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you can't post that without giving source

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It's been 10 days since they took the emotes from us. I can't believe you all just sit here taking it like bitches. We had everything, now we have nothing. No one protested, no one went out in the streets, everyone cucked out. Pathetic.

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oversimplify how you proved that god exists through math
thank you for cooperating

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>libgen and #bookz don't have English translations of Martin Fierro
>the legal kindle version doesn't specify whether it includes both parts of the poem or just the first part

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>not born in the nineteenth century (preferred)
>not born in the sixteenth century
>not born in Ancient Greece as part of the aristocracy
Why is this allowed?

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What the fuck happened to this thread? I was only gone for like three hours Jesus

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>his disgusted language
Das bedeutet Krieg.

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>the only people I have to talk about classic literature with are racist trad Cath Trump cultist larpers

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DO NOT believe a word out the mouths of the LONESOME FREINDS OF SCIENCE (STEMfags). They are unbelievably vapid dumbfucks with a reductionist streak a mile long, aching to crush Life as it is actually lived under the boot of the Galilean project of instrumental knowledge

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I live in D.C. Hate these things. Normally a sign the neighborhood is going to be gentrified and a ton of wh*toids are going to move in a raise in the rent. Also they never have any good books, just pulpy mystery/romance schlock, nothing worth the paper its printed on. Plus I'm pretty sure the guys who put them up are mormons or something like that.

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How does one become the next Napoleon I feel like I've got this part down

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>read the Bible
>"Is it not written in the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah/Israel?"
>mfw they're all lost

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>try to make thread about all the cool and interesting stuff in the books of Samuel/Kings
>no replies
>problem of evil threads get 500+ replies
>"a talking snake" threads get 500+ replies

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Should I also upgrade my PC even if I don't play new games?

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>author does this in their collection
>professor still only assigns one or two stories from the collection, and overloads you with readings from other authors so you don't have time to read the full collection even if you wanted to

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>look into book critic jobs
>you get paid $50 for reviewing one book and have two weeks to review it, and you have to read literally who indie writers that nobody cares about
>you don't get a byline

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There are days I'd love to literally kill all the off-topic posters on /lit/. All the "books for this feel" posters, all the posters who post blatant /pol/ and /r9k/ topics while saying "what are some books about this" as if that even matters, all the fuckers who post blatant coomer threads with stupid /s/-worthy pics, all the idiot Guenon spammers.

Fuck em. Put a bullet in their heads, or take the sharp end of a hammer and punch holes in their skulls. Nobody would miss them if they died, by the quality of their posts they don't contribute anything of value to the world anyway.

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9 is took you have it wrong fix it

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