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Whats on my mind? Hmmm whats on my mind. let me see. maybe the fact that Im 26 and still havent gotten my cock sucked? in 2021? and the fact that Im just realizing at 26 in 2021 that the boomer hate meme that I experienced by old fags in 2013 is fucking real, and I have no chance at escaping the wage cage because they still wont die. Hmmmm or maybe the fucking fact that the *ewish people won and were on a fucking direct mainline goddm speed rail hell path to a technoglobohomo-shish-kababed brained mind broken and spinning in its own degenerate normie filth of unfettered pleasure and slothardic cum brained zombie intentions population, sliding the mud lower and lower until full hell cracks through the already paper thin ethereal firmament packed full to the brim with the sickening inhabitants that supported every step in the march to its demise, willingly.

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