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>author creates a plot that's put to the reader's interpretation in terms of its philosophical meaning

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Can you anons recommend short stories, novellas or novels about the burden of freedom and how one can find himself in a meaningless world?

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*walks over to mic*

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>The perfect woman perpetrates literature as she perpetrates a small sin: as an experiment, in passing, glancing around to see whether anybody notices--and to make sure that somebody notices.

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God is dead.

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feels are reals you moran

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>But let us come back to it; the problem of another origin of the good—of the good, as the resentful man has thought it out—demands its solution. It is not surprising that the wage slaves should bear a grudge against the great NEETs, but that is no reason for blaming the great NEETs for using the little wage slaves. And when the wage slaves say among themselves, "Those NEETs are evil, and he who is as far removed from being a NEET, who is rather its opposite, a wage slave,—is he not good?" then there is nothing to cavil at in the setting up of this ideal, though it may also be that the NEETs will regard it a little sneeringly, and perchance say to themselves, "We bear no grudge against them, these good wage slaves, we even like them: nothing is more useful than a nice wage slave."

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>he says hot girl when he meana hot trap

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I gathered that Nietzsche believed any concept of moral goodness inside utilitarian categories was weak and slavish a la self sacrifice

His conception of nobility as the original moral virtue stands outside all utilitarian calculation because it is end in itself

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>mfw you are a NEET wojak and will never actually begin reading any of your books
>mfw I am posting in a thread that you are reading right now, OP, instead of your books

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>God is dead
>Will to power
>That which does not kill us makes us stronger

Name a more inspiring and chad philosopher

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Nietzsche is basically the most comfy philosopher because his eternal recurrence says I will forever shitpost on 4chan which is the most ubersmensh thing you can do

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>What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: 'This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more' ... Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: 'You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine

Nietzsche is literally the most comfy philosopher.

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Do forms have forms? Checkmate backworlders.

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Anyone have a chart for Nietzsche?

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Liberals have co-opted Nietzsche in the past few decades into pushing their "he wasn't really an anti-semite!!" message whilst simultaneously dismissing anyone who likes Nietzsche as a "nihilist" or "entry-level".

I am thoroughly convinced that this is orchestrated or done on purpose as some kind of erosion of Nietzsche for his influence on Fascism and the Nazis.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally, I believe this is too suspicious to be a natural occurrence. For one, why are their views on Nietzsche so often contradictory and never actually based on the source material? It's almost as if they know he wouldn't approve of them. Nonetheless, I find this all highly strange. I have personally witnessed this attitude in Academia by professors who were quite sincerely Marxists. They would repeat the typical normalfag interpretations, "hammer and nail", "god is dead" but when it came to anything that could even be interpreted as illiberal in nature, it would be ignored.

Now, allow me to be clear, I'm not a Fascist or Nazi myself but I can see a scam when I'm confronted by one. What do you think about this?

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>All that has been done on earth against "the noble," "the powerful," "the masters," "the rulers," fades into nothing compared with what the Jews have done against them; the Jews, that priestly people, who in opposing their enemies and conquerors were ultimately satisfied with nothing less than a radical revaluation of their enemies' values, that is to say, an act of the most spiritual revenge...
>With the Jews there begins the slave revolt in morality: that revolt which has a history of two thousand years behind and and which we no longer see because it - has been victorious.

damn nietzsche is problematic as hell

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>Year 2030
>A book comes out from a philosopher
>Nobody is able to understand him because they do not have a background in the comments, exchanges on boards and blogs he was exposed to and which shaped his thought
>At first the book was hardly being read but after some time it becomes a very popular book
>Years later
>Some doxxer has written a biography on this philosopher with quotes he found from the philosophers early days, one being: "Sonic touches the heart immediately, as the true basic language that everyone everywhere understands"
>The bibliography describes how he later, at older age, rejects Sonic "Is Sonic an authentic character at all? Is he rather not a disease?"
>Later in the bibliography it describes some of the comments he made on a bunch pornographic videos and writes about his first exposure to the redpill community
>The bibliography futher discusses the comments he made at Xenosystes and how exchanges on Slate Star Codex had influenced his later philosophy
>The bibliography then describes some rumors that the philosopher might have been a lover of traps based on some of the comments that the doxxer found
>Also discussed is the possiblity that the philosopher might have been severely autistic
This is the future that people choose.

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want some comfy books to read and have some gin to drink at night, what books that will entice me throughout and make me sniffle by the end

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The masses seem to be worth a glance only in three respects: first as blurred copies of great men, presented on bad paper with worn out printing plates, then as the resistance against the great men, and finally as working implements of the great. For the rest, let the devil and statistics carry them off.

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it was pro-german to maintain that nietzsche was german. it's anti-german to maintain that nietzsche only larped as pole because he hated germans.
but proving that nietzsche was a pole has no major purpose for anybody.

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>Mistakes of the subhumans. They immediately interpret the idea of subjectivity as giving them free reign to support any viewpoint that they want, no matter how incoherent, ignorant and wretched. Sure, the ant too has its own perspective of things, and therefore its own subjective reality, but who gives a shit about the reality of an ant? The greater the man the greater — and hence the more objective — his perspective, and therefore the idea of subjectivity does not undermine the absolute rule of inequality in the universe but is precisely the mechanism by which it comes about.

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