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My progression...

>/b/ memes
>trolling, raids
>gore and shock images
>expand to other boards like /tv/, /mu/, /fa/, /fit/, /sp/ (not sure if all these were actually around then)
>use as general purpose forum
>actually get something useful out of browsing
>somehow get sucked into the whole /pol/ thing
>briefly associate with incel shit (/r9k/ etc.)
>abandon 4chan entire due to job/family
>use only /lit/ since I don't know where else to discuss things online (I genuinely tried reddit and it was as bad as people say)

A lot of people are blaming their apparent desensitisation on 4chan (I did too) but I doubt we would have turned out different without it. I think the explanation is backwards: 4chan attracted us because of our contrarian attitudes.

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what I like about /lit/ is that there are clearly both Marxist and critics of Marx here. Literally every other website I visit is either dominated by the blind left (reddit being the prime example, but also major newspapers like the Guardian) or by alt-right or conservatives types who reject anything left of centre. I feel like I actually learn a thing or two here. Based.

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I "talk a lot" but have no friends. When I'm around people I always want to discuss stuff with them. I read all sorts of topics (science, humanities, current affairs, arts) so I'm always up for a conversation. I come here to satisfy my social needs because I literally don't know anyone in real life.

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This is nothing new

>I love science!
(Loves pretending to love science i.e. calling themselves a "nerd", watching Big Bang theory)

This kind of shit has been going on before internet.

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