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Hello /lit/!

I've taken an interest in The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin this year, and have just finished the book.

More specifically, I would like to focus on one moral issue or social ill that Mark Twain highlights in the book, as well as Huck’s views and behaviors regarding that issue.

Does Huck show maturation (or lack of) over the course of the novel? Is the author trying to say anything about this issue as portrayed through Huck’s journey?

I know this sounds like a high school essay prompt, but I would just like to gain a deeper understanding of this book for myself. I am an avid reader and love to explore literature and its deeper, underlying meanings.

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brainlet high schooler (18) here, my AP Lang class is 200 pages into Huck Finn and I've read literally none of it. I want to read & improve my grade but I find it soul crushing. I also think English is useless

convince me to enjoy the book
also so im part of the board culture and not a shitposting newfag
>'bugs easy on the carrots' is funnier and has infinitely more scale/depth than 'big chungus'

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Forgot about this one. I never finished it, but it was real feelsgood down to the core. Tom Sawyer was something like this too, but Huck Finn was much much better.

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