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Hello fellow Kurd. Our land is forgotten forever. Feelzbadman

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By not being a massive autist and embracing the fact that you haven't been programmed by your fucking dad to suck up classical languages while you were not having any contact with people the same age as you because it will prevent you from being the "radical utilitarian over-philosopher."

Fuck, I mean, education within this circle of people back in the day was sad and cringe-worthy. Try to appreciate the fact that you weren't purposefully made a psychosocial retard by antiquated educational psychosis of your equally psychosocially disabled father figure.

Classical languages are nice and cool, start learning them, but also try not being a massive autist. My life is oscillating between these efforts and it's pretty comfy desu

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I know man, I know. I was a video game addict when I was 12-17 years old. I then tried to stop when I turned 17, but did not succeed in the long term. It literally took me fucking 2.5 years to get off video games. Haven't played a single game in 2018, told myself on New Year's Eve last year that 2018 would be the year where I finally stop gaming. Here I am, after a 3-year-journey.

Anyway, I'm still addicted to pornography, masturbation and the internet. My concentration span is terribly low, especially when reading. Guess my plans for 2019.

Also, books for this feel?

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While I'm reading a book I can't wait until I finish it and move onto the next one but after I finish it I feel sad because I'll have to leave the world and characters behind.
>tfw no brothers karamazov extended literary universe
>tfw no spin off book about mitya's retarded antics and bar brawls

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Kek, what video is this from?

Has to be recent since Charls has the cancer cut.

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please respond

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Top kek.

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>Trusting sensory experience

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>Tfw all non-Hegelian philosophy after Nietzsche is nothing more than analytics, semantics, wordplay and linguistic navel-gazing

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>Lemme just read Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung
>Lemme just read Kritik der reinen Vernunft

You fuckin' dummies. This is the philosophical equivalent of trying to bench press 200lbs as a fucking hungry skeleton.

Luckily, as has been already mentioned, Plato/Kant are 90% of all the heavy lifting in (important) philosophy. Don't skip Plato, don't skip Kant - take A LOT of time with both.

Do this, delve into metaphysics. Then jump the fuck out again.

Why? You'll find out when you read in this order:


Nietzsche is essentially the end of metaphysics. He makes the indisputable point that the whole of metaphysics rests upon an unjustified mistrust of our senses' testimony - and that, by rights, we should take our senses at their 'word' - because there is no way to determine, externally of our sensory experience, how inaccurate they may be.

No such thing as knowledge independent of experience, in short.

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>Freedom of Religion

This is the first thing you need to rectify in order to deal with Islam

>Freedom to have any religion whatsoever

This is the second mistake.

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Pic related, and everything he wrote.

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>It was an X day

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>What piece of literature has elicited the greatest/most profound feels for you?

Kant's CPS. Not just reading it, but understanding it.

Schopenhauer was right in saying that anyone who hasn't come to grips with Kant is stuck in intellectual childhood.

It could be humorous at times, though. Anyone who's read the preface of my edition, or simply knows what it refers to, will enjoy the keks of pic related.

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The Diary of a Superfluous Man

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>use of brainpower for digital data processing. in your sleep. will be accepted as payment method (credits)
>tfw you wake up exhausted for weeks on end and go to the doctor and it turns out you're part of a botnet because you downloaded illegal feelies with a trojan whore

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What is the most literary of sexual lifestyles?

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