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Hey /lit/, it's been a week now since I have embarked upon my year of writing in my grandparents' cabin on the outskirts of Oshu in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. I've already written 3,000 more words of my novel; It's such a incredible feeling knowing that I have absolutely no responsibilities other than to work on my art. I feel like a landed 19th century aristocrat, a relic of a bygone era where men like myself with superior taste and judgement were given the ultimate affordance of leisure time in order to bless the arts and letters with our genius.

How is your own writing coming along /lit/?

Did you have a pleasant weekend?

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Hey /lit/, I'm half-Japanese but was raised in America. My paternal grandfather recently died and left our family a cabin in his will which is located just outside of Oshu in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. My parents have no use for it so I've decided to live there in 2018 to focus on my writing.

Has anybody here done something similar?

What tips do you have?

Pic related: it looks similar to this.

Also: do you know any other well-known writers who spent a period of their lives living alone without a job in order to focus on their art?


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