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>ask her if she wants to hang out
>she invites me to her apartment
>she has books on epigraphy, archaeology, Latin grammar, and the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure strewn about her room
>she has a vintage Nintendo 64 plugged into her TV, with her laptop having Guts from Berserk as her wallpaper
>dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and blackout curtains on her windows
>we talk about Elagabalus, the Crisis of the Third Century, and Shakespeare for a couple hours
>she has every Roman emperor, including the ones from the Crisis, memorized in chronological order and knows what they did
>ask her what she does for a living
>she pauses for a moment and doesn't say anything

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absolutely heretical. What makes you think reintegrating into society is best? You should strive for the Truth, not for some pussy.

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2 late

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looks like you'll just have to learn Latin, OP

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>not liking the war parts

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>fighting against the sea of stupid
>being an anarchist

pick one

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4chan ladies and gentlemen

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>I also have to admire Green's work on his youtube history channel.

You shouldn't. John Green is legitimately terrible historian.

>Glosses over important details in trying to streamline periods of history for dumbshit normies
>Says shit that's egregiously wrong (The Haitian revolution being more important on a global scale than the American revolution; there being no women in history with the title "the great"; anytime he mentions sexism or racism)

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