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>getting literally cucked out of your time by "news"papers

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what absolute bullshit. God i hate tehrangels so fucking much. You self obsessed pieces of garbage are not as special as you think you fucking are. Persian this Persian that. Every muslim from morocco to Indonesia have their own flavor of geometric art. But for some reason majoosi trash claim the entire school of art as their own.

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>that cover

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once the nigger was a nigger. and stole bike Come on guys And this
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nigger. Suddenly a grey Fox found a nietzsche is kill with my mom
infinite emo choruses was so illiterate after my enema, Sylvia Plath
was i even died. the end

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>that whole article

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>But it's about a pedophile who gets away with it

But he doesn't.

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>The simplistic duplexity of it all, feeling perhaps compassion, lust, love even?

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>implying DFW will not be remembered as the post-modern GOAT

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