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What does /lit/ think of this? I never see it mentioned here.

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Love the humor in this book and it’s a great way to take a break from reading something much more advanced. Definitely the entire series is my go too comfy book. Don’t care if you think this is a midwit book series, Douglas Adams prose is both clever and engaging. Bite me.

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What's the /lit/ consensus on pic related?
I think it's one of the funniest shit ever written.

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Will I get banned from /lit/ if I read pic related and enjoy it?

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>spend your teenage years (the prime of your life) aggressively preparing for entry to the most elite and rigorous university on the planet instead of chasing girls and having fun
>risk poverty and embarrassment and likely failure for a career in entertainment
>throwaway untold manhours as you perfect your craft, hobnob with industry figures, and pray for success
>miraculously manage to not only publish, but publish a bestseller
>eke out a modicum of recognition from the world
some NEET on 4chan, in reference to your life's work (the end product of all your suffering and effort):

>"lmao this is reddit af"

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I laughed and enjoyed it sincerely.

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Started reading this series after not reading for a longtime, keep running into word in this series I've never seen before.

Am I fucking retarded or does Douglas Adams use a lot of odd words?

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What's the funniest novel you've ever read?

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>mfw reading my own writing
who else on /suicidewatch/ regarding their own prospects as a writer? I spent so much time and energy convincing myself that I had what it takes, constructing a whole identity around the pursuit of literary achievement. I read books, many I did not particularly enjoy, hoping they would impart some unconscious process to me that would improve my skills like one would catch a virus. I wrote daily and truth be told I never improved, it was always the same and it forced me to admit that I am not actually all that creative and have nothing of any merit worth saying. I admit I am not meant to be a writer and it is time to move on. I suck. I don't know what to do next, I construct a big shallow identity around this bullshit and now I am no one again, maybe I always was.

ITT: Books that give you a big old laugh, pic related

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Based but still

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