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You will hardly find anything worth reading written in English. Yugoslavia (today Serbia) was given the same media treatment as any other country that fell under the scrutiny of the US while never being quite in a position to garner strong backlash as was the case for Iraq. As a result your left with almost exclusively propaganda from that era made for western consumption. As far as I'm aware the only western journalist that was not parroting the official narrative is Scott Taylor and he published two books detailing his time there although both are very specific to the region he was in at the time and should be treated as supplemental. The documentary "The Weight of Chains" is probably one of the best detailing the entire conflict from start to finish, although it can be sensationalist at times. Another "Srebrenica a town betrayed" is also worth considering. If you don't mind the language barrier many, many books have been written on the subject from the former Yugoslavia "BH : čaša prevršila" by Jovo Blažanović. Is a good one detailing the conflict in Bosnia. All things considered, unless your very interested in the topic its best to just leave it be lest you risk coming out even more ignorant than before.

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