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Keith and his ilk are just leftists. They are not right-wing whatsoever.

They outed themselves already when they adopted terms like "outmoded" in regards to past forms of governance. They are simply progressives of an alternative nature, at odds with the current establishment but not in any way actually right-wing in belief or spirit.

I guarantee you all of these people do not actually believe in God and just use it as a status symbol among the right so they can fit in better. As far as I'm concerned, a prerequisite to being right-wing is:

1.) the unquestionable belief in God
2.) belief in timeless, unchanging wisdom and the natural law
3.) no push for any kind of utopian system (i.e. progressivism)

there are of course more attributes to being right-wing but if you fail at any of these core principles then you are a fraud at best and an enemy at worst

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Wrestling with God is like rendering moral judgment on the color of your mailbox, or contemplating why men and women are split into their respective dyads, or why pain exists.

These things just are, and you are a consequence of them. So accept it or be destroyed.

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There are less than a dozen posts actually on topic ITT. You people are insufferable.

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>he doesn't into Anarcho-Formalist Neo-Cameralism

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Why does God continue to make new humans? Why has he been making literally billions of us? Does he need billions of us? Why wouldn't millions simply suffice?

Are there some parameters he's looking to meet in Heaven and Hell that require the creation of so many human souls? The more humans are created, the more I feel like reincarnation begins to hold more merit, even within the parameters of a standard, let's say, Abrahamic religion.

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I fucking hate commies so much.

How can a people so vehemently fucking stupid and not well read at all be controlling the political discussion these days?

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Why do /pol/groids love using that kind of graph where the retard and the "genius" are in unison with their thoughts?

Is this some kind of subconscious signaling to us that they are absolute morons and to be instantly avoided? Kind of like with Wokeoids and neon hair.

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Gnosticism is the actual bugman ideology.
It's trite and generic both in its content and presentation, and draws upon archetypal concepts of good and evil that it sticks onto Platonism in an attempt to seem novel and original.
Gnosticism is a soulless and unimaginative philosophy which has been utterly blown the fuck out by Plotinus a very long time ago and which is currently only studied by historians because it is utterly worthless as an ideology, let alone as a religion.
Yes, numerous works of fiction have borrowed from Gnostic cosmology because if there's one thing Gnosticism does well, it's lending itself to the vacuous pseud sci-fi garbage that Hollywood has been vehemently shitting out for decades.
There is nothing to be found in Gnostic ideas. Anything valuable is drawn straight from Plato's writings, everything else sucks.
You're not even a Gnostic, anyway. The last Gnostics, save for that one sect in Iran which you can never be a part of, disappeared when gnosis failed to be transmitted from the alleged "pneumatic" ascended masters to their followers. Gnosticism is dead, but it was never really alive anyway.
>You only dislike it because [...]
This is called projection. None of the people you've replied to have stated their religion or lack thereof so far.

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Lol, butt-fly can never show her face here again ha!

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