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Nick Land wrote a book about bitcoin, "crypto currents" is the name I think, which has a lot of explicit content on Kant.
I think the main point is about the blockchain, as in the context of economy, being a material entity determining an absolute sequence of transactions or absolute time

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The West and Modernity in general isn't it decline, its just stripping off whatever residual humanity it had left, we're being overcome. Capitalism just keeps on chugging no matter what because its not based on some kind of cultural apparatus but a cluster of out of control mutually stimulating competitive systems where any sense of agency and all values are continually shredded in favor of self-propogation pure and simple. Pure and simple blind darwinism trumps all notions of form or purpose. Every system before this was essentially designed to keep this from happening, now it has, and we can't hope for collapse to save us. We will we replaced or otherwise converted into paperclips for the maximizer.

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Just go straight to the end.

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What did he mean by this?

>In modern times, the clearest example of history in the ancient, great cycle mode, is found in the work of another German socialist philosopher: Oswald Spengler. Modeling civilizations on the life-cycles of organic beings, he plotted their rise and inevitable decay through predictable phases. For the West, firmly locked into the downside of the wave, relentless, accelerating degeneration can be confidently anticipated. Spengler’s withering pessimism seems not to have detracted significantly from the cultural comfort derived from his archetypal historical scheme.

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>When you consider the hyperpraxis neostrategies of Uncle Nick's subsubversive econocapital the exoesoteric hypertechnical capital ontotime sublaunches into sinoChinese exopraxis.

>Hyperovercapital redeterritorialititiziozaneozation launcholaunches neoovertime nousonoumenal pragmapraxis.

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I've been reading some Curtis Yarvin and Nick Land lately and they regularly make the claim that multiculturalism and ethnic diversity has extremely negative consequences for large groups. All of the studies I can find seem to support this position so what are the best arguments against it? Most people seem to rely on the huge assumption that the negative consequences will ultimately be eliminated in a few generations as people get more accustomed to it. A lot of people also shamefully try to ignore the negatives by appealing to the fact that we gain access to different types of food and entertainment.

The struggle between the majority and minority groups is an extremely important part of their writing and I'd like to see the more cogent arguments against it.

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I love Destiny OP

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Aight so what should I start out with when trying to comprehend Nick Land? For starters, I am more or less interested with CCRU era Land than Facebook era Land. I read Fisher's "Terminator vs Avatar" and I have a lot of Marx under my belt. I briefly took a peek at Anti-Oedipus (planning to read more in depth) but I know I'll prob need more than that.
Is there a shit ton of Kant involved? The same for Nietzsche? I generally am clueless on where to start.

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What mental illnesses does he have? Or is it just the amphetamines fucking his brains?

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someone give me that nick land killed god shitpost

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can someone please post the "i killed god" shitpost? thx

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He saw the future—and was driven so insane by its horror that he was forced to conclude that it was a good thing.

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tfw no trad asian GF with big giant tiddies

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What does he believe these days?

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>not reprogramming your brain to use nmda as its reward system

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