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>Tolstoy that high
>Turgenev that low

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I know the “novel” wasn’t really a thing at the time but let’s just be anachronistic and say they were. Do you think Shakespeare, if he chose to write one, could/would write a good prose novel? Why or why not?

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Hey what’s the “meme trilogy” for 21st century books? There’s Call of the Crocodile, clearly. But what else?

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I would like to be catholic (maybe) but because I live in Finland which is majority protestant/lutheran country, it just feels like I would be always larping and never real catholic. Maybe Orthodoxy could be great compromise because Orthodox Church has a legal position as a national church in Finland, along with the Evangelical Lutheran Church so it wouldn't feel as much like larping because there is history of that church here.

But I'm bit sceptical of anything with ties to Russia so there's that. Luckily Orthodox Church of Finlanf is autonomous archdiocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and not Moscow but still one can't deny that Orthodoxy is heavily assosiciated with Russia so it feels bit like Trojan horse for Russian propaganda.

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>nigger's scribbles finally manages to form a book
>its another ebil whitey tantrum
>for the billionth time
If racial differences are purely economically created, why can't richer nigs who've been able to write books, ever write something that isn't just whining about not getting enough gibs or pretending that they're still suffering from slavery well over a hundred years later and blaming everything on white people. You'd think there would be a number of influential authors writing about literally anything else, but it seems all they can do is seethe about their race's ineptitude and vent by projecting it all to whites.

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What some good books from Bulgaria?

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What's the difference between literature and genre fiction?

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What is a /lit/ approved anime? I have never seen anime in my entire life

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What about this is schizo?

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Is it a limited edition? Do you think its going to go up in price?

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>Pride and Prejudice
>American literature

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