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Starting a one issue erotic fiction zine, Slime Palace, which is just going to be me taking a bunch of submissions from you and pasting them up in a pdf with a dumb cover and then posting it to /lit/.

The premise of the zine is a place to publish whatever depraved erotic fiction you began to imagine that one time but never actually went through with. Things that are ultra-specific to your psychoanalytic makeup or just whatever trashy mass-produced fantasy you feel you want to reproduce on your own keyboard.

The idea here is that 1) I need these kinds of structures and at least some minimal sense of an audience in order to write anything, and 2) when the only aesthetic constraint is that you personally find it triggers something, it will generate more interesting content than you would find in the grim depths of a standard writing feedback thread.

(actually the other constraint is that it has to fit roughly on one page, anything longer i'm going to shrink it down to like 5pt text to fit so don't bother. can't think of any reason why the Slime Palace High Command might reject anything, but we reserve the right)

send things to:
[email protected]

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