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>also free solo the climbing documentary thing

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>art jazz (wtf lol)

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>Don't bully ContraPoints

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How can anyone read pomo novels without feeling scammed and humiliated and cucked?

Reading some fucking overly long pomo novel that is filled with lolsorandumb New Yorker magazine / liberal arts college tier """humour""" and stabs at popsci references that are fucking embarrassing (because we live in an era where """educated""" people think they can skip maths and physics education or learn it through writing) and horrifically awful attempts at social / anthropological commentary or philosophy (or even worse, someone who thinks these can be done in an intellectually worthwhile manner) while knowing this was the slop fed to you by ivy leaguer / Oxbridge publishing employees marketing the TED / Davos zeitgeist is fucking humiliating. Gravity's Rainbow, JR, DFW's fiction etc: fuck them all.

I don't blindly like old novels and I know people blidnly praise them for pseudointellectual cred in pseudointellectual ways. But when they're written serially you know they're not horrifically trying to be the next bible. And even the nu-maliest male in 1900 is not as much of a cuck as the average writer today.

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Nigga, 50 Shades Of Grey was the best-selling book of the 20th century. Women WANT a masculine dude. And for the most part they're not getting it.

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Pic related.

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>prescribing equality to inferior beings

Nice try, cuckboy

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How do I write liberal humanities white college males as characters?

Pic related

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>obviously racist and sexist

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