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"Pain is vanquishing my life and my will." He wrote in a letter. "What months, what a summer I have had! My physical agonies were as many and various as the changes I have seen in the sky. In every cloud there is some form of electric charge which grips me suddenly and reduces me to complete misery. Five times I have called for Doctor Death, and yesterday I hoped it was the end — in vain.

"Though I am in my forty-fifth year and have published about fifteen books…there has not yet been a single even moderately reputable review of any one of my books. People help themselves out now with the phrases "eccentric," "pathological," "psychiatric"."

"It hurts me frightfully that in these fifteen years not one single person has 'discovered' me, has needed me, has loved me."

"How rarely a friendly voice reaches me! I’m now alone, absurdly alone…And for years not a word of comfort, not a drop of feeling, not a breath of love."

"It has been ten years already: not a sound reaches me any longer – a land without rain…If only I could give you some idea of my feeling of isolation. Neither among the living nor the dead is there anyone with whom I feel any kinship. This is inexpressibly horrible."

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tldr you worship the crowd

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>There is a false saying, 'Whoever cannot save himself - how can he save others? ' But if I have the key to your chains, why should your and my lock be the same.

is there a bigger cope in all of literature?

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