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so the super secret to a grandmaster story is poorly describing the measly "fall from grace" trope?

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After 20 something years of writing a fucking le epic series in the vein of Tolkien, I'm only now starting to doubt it in place of a more concise story with stronger, more concentrated characters and plotlines. Fuck my loife

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>You don't become "well-read" by reading many books.

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Why do foreigners take this retard seriously? Every Slovene knows this autist is just a meme.

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>it’s a Nietzsche chapter about art or history

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>awful things happen to other people
>religious guy walks away harm free

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>everything is... le fake!
it got old.

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>talk with girl
>topic shifts to pessimistic philosophers
>she starts rambling about capitalism to be the prime reason for the bleak times and widespread depression and in turn existence of such philosophy
bruh do all womeme read the same exact thing or something? what do they think it was like two-thousand years ago, that people got along fine and greed didn't exist? have they never read a single paragraph of historical information about the Communist China or Soviet Russia and how lack of capitalism looked like?

I just don't understand why the idea that life might be an inherently ugly thing does not pass the filters of the normie mind. it must always be something else, it can never be the fact that life itself is not an enjoyable thing.

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>Start a new book
>Atheist character has integrity
>Close book
How did the editors miss such an obvious plothole?

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What's the book with the most amount of lies and disinformation in it?

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>he reads translations
Reading a translated text is not having read it at all. You should only read the original text, regardless of what language it is.
>"b-but it's LE HARD!"
No it's not. I don't speak German yet I read complex works of philosophy in the original German all the time. The few words I manage to comprehend here and there are enough for me.

Seriously, reading something that's been translated by ANOTHER MAN is like marrying a woman with a promiscuous past. You lose the original flavour.

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and everyone in the thread applauded your astute observational wisdom. Was that the point you were wasting my time with all along?

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>The author uses contractions

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don't know what I expected

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I was mindlessly scrolling through youtube shorts instead of studying and found some influencer linguist guy who claimed "they drink milk" would be "il boivent del lait" in Old French. Except OF was an inflective pro-drop language and using the de+le contraction to qualify an uncountable noun is relatively modern usage. It would be "lait boivent".
He mindlessly transposed modern French syntax onto the 12th century form of the language and it triggers me so hard. I get that the guy is a polyglot; speaking five modern languages fluently is an impressive feat, and that's all the more reason he should steer away from trying to educate the masses in topics he hasn't mastered.

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>it's another randolph carter story

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>Start writing a short story
>It apparently had already been written almost beat for beat in a story I never read by Damon Knight
How do I avoid this in the future?

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>it's another "20-year old zoomer thinks the has assimilated and refuted 2500 years worth of philosophers" episode
why ?
it's literally a entire life's work to understand/specialize in even 1 (one) philosopher without mischaracterizing him.
stop pretending you have something to say about so and so's ontology in light of literally who's phenomenology
you zoomers don't understand shit
maybe if you focused on actually reading a book (which should take about a month or so for a medium sized book) instead of wanting to have read it so you can move on to something else, you wouldn't be like that.

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>Bro if I could do it all over I'd never get pussy and just go to church everyday!

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so you're telling me I have to take notes, read the same damn book multiple times and highlight shit to get a basic understanding?

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>attend church of satan
>they worship baphomet, not satan

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>people who say "work through" a book
>people who don't say "read" a book
For what purpose? If you're reading something you don't enjoy to the point that it's "work," then why are you bothering?

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