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Post pseuds

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I'm destroyed and losing sleep because of Zapffe's insight, /lit/

I have read a great a great deal of philosophy but have never encountered an idea so disturbing as consciousness being a mistake, something that should have never been. This being true would remember all philosophy irrelevant as well as any possible pursuit. The paradox that is implied by this is that everything is just a desperate distraction. Is it possible that one Norwegian thinker attained the absolute truth?

I'm asking for a possible refutation or at least criticism of this flavor of pessimism and anti-natalism because it's impossible to accept and dwell on for a long period of time without going insane or taking my life.

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How does Zapffe compare to Nietzsche?

I feel like they parallel each other in their analysis of how we confront our awareness but Zapffe doesn't offer a solution/chance of redemption.

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>having a child
when he gets turned into a tranny and destroyed, you will finally take the Zapffe pill, but it will be too late for your son.

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Antinatalism is irrefutably the endgame of philosophy. The fact that abortion rates are skyrocketing and birth rates are plummeting just shows us that antinatalism is a natural course for the human race. We are collectively waking up. Soon we will all sleep.

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Where can I find a physical book copy of his essays? I'm most interested in The Last Messiah. I could download a pdf but I hate reading on anything other than a book

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The Last Messiah gets the same idea across in a more impactful, concise, and emotionally devastating way, and without relying on psychoanalytic nonsense.
And unlike Denial of Death you won't feel like you've wasted a massive amount of time after you've finished it.

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>Human's have an overdeveloped consciousness
>Therefore don't have kids
What? How does that even remotely follow?

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Is Peter Wessel Zapffe worth reading?

I can't tell if he's good or just an antinatalist meme.

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