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I'm trying to decide if Milton being a fag would make sense or not, given his work. I can't make up my mind, I'll have to sleep on it.

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Not him but heroin dude, SSRI or Cognitive Behavior Therapy work better in the long term. But it definitely does work, just start slow with one or 2 beers or a sip of vodka/whiskey here and there.

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I've been told by people that I have a great talent for writing fiction about my fetishes, even by people who do not possess that fetish themselves.

I mean I guess I could create an alias and write erotica. Sell it on Amazon. Make a few bucks. I'm just not sure I could feel comfortable with myself if I did, since I dream of being a "real" writer.

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>tfw don't read nearly as much as I know I should

It's a combination of several factors.

1. I shitpost on 4chan a lot, and generally procrastinate a lot online in general. I do way too much online bullshitting.

2. I am a writer, in addition to being a reader. I'm actually a REAL writer in that I've had several short stories and poems published under my real name. I have spent all of 2020 actively working on a major work which I hope to get published. So some of the time I could be spending reading, I have spent writing. And I think some people don't fully appreciate how much time, how much thought process, the act of writing takes up. It's not just a matter of setting fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper. You have to give your mind time to churn and process so that you come up with ideas, plot points, character elements, that sort of thing. The crafting of a story is a process that extends beyond the actual act of writing itself.

3. I am a slow reader when I read on my own time. I love to "live" in books. I don't like to power through them to check off tallies on a list. In addition to my aforementioned tendency to procrastinate, I like to take my time with books and read them slowly, to enjoy the experience. I reread The Lord of the Rings in 2019 and I did so very slowly. It took me more than half the year. But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I took a similarly slow pace rereading The Divine Comedy this year. Both times were very pleasurable to me, and I felt I truly enjoyed and appreciated what I was reading.

But I definitely do need to actively push to read more. I need to at least read a few chapters of my current book every single day, which I do not do right now.

Fortunately I do a decent job contributing to /lit/ because of all the reading I have done for my schooling. I have done fucktons of reading for both my undergraduate and my graduate degrees, so I can at least make sure I give good help to others on this board, where great works of Western Literature are concerned.

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>tfw have written something very unusual and realize that trying to get it published is going to be somewhat difficult

Fortunately, I THINK I have some leads. That's better than I had the last time I tried to get a book published.

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>tfw /lit/ doesn't routinely have threads about literature involving your fetish

In a bizarre way I envy you guys and the cuckfags, at least there's a steady stream of /lit/-related content about what you jerk off to.

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I have a terrible, irrational fear that nobody will like the book I have written.

This is despite having somebody who's been reading it throughout and telling me it's brilliant, and having someone else who's reading the completed thing and telling me she's liked it so far.

I'm crawling all over with irrational fear. This is my baby, this story. What if everyone hates it?

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Hmm. It's just kind of mediocre, isn't it? Like, it's not absolute trash, but I'm not really impressed by it. Anyone else feel that way? Like, you can tell she's actually been to school and knows what a poem SHOULDN'T look like, but she doesn't actually have any real talent or spark.

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>when Trump defended his penis size

Sometimes I forget that I live in the timeline where the current President of the United States once bragged about the size of his penis on national television.

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I have repeatedly written erotica related to my degenerate fetishes over the years. Like, I started when I was 18 and in college and I've been doing it for more than ten years at this point. I desperately need to resist the urge to continue doing it, especially because I know I'm actually fairly talented at writing things that people who share my fetishes enjoy. I've been praised numerous times for how fapworthy my erotica is, and I, myself, have occasionally fapped to my own writing. I need to cut this out, since I'm trying to wean myself off erotica and porn in general.

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Why did the thread about anime traits in novels get deleted? It wasn't that shitty. Or, if it was shitty, why are there still numerous threads up on the board that are substantially shittier than that one was?

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I think one thing that absolutely needs to be purged from the board are the Anons who come here asking for advice.

The whole "Books for this feel?" thing. People asking for books to help them get over a mood or a feeling, or to stop masturbating, or something like that. I'm just here to talk about Melville and Faulkner and Borges, I have no interest in giving somebody advice about how to live their life, and I'm probably not qualified to do that, anyway. All those sorts of threads should either be instantly deleted or instantly moved to /adv/. We are not the "How do I unfuck my life" board.

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>tfw I spent most of 2019 writing long narrative poems

Narrative verse is going to make a comeback. I swear it will.

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There was a time in which I wrote huge amounts of erotic fiction, both fanfiction and original. These were all devoted to my particular fetishes. I used to think that if I took my erotic fantasies and wrote them down, I'd banish them from my head and they wouldn't bother me any more.

But I have realized that this is very foolish. If I write my erotic fantasies out, they become permanent, and I can revisit them and relish in the temptation to sin all over again. What's worse, in the past I actually shared what I wrote with others, so the temptation to sin emerged not only for me, but for everyone that I shared them with. And it's especially bad because absolutely everyone who's ever read my erotica has talked about how arousing it is. I can't imagine how many people over the years have blown their loads reading my stuff. I should probably be more ashamed of it than I am. It was a case of me using my powers for evil. I turned my talents as a writer to the worst uses I could possibly have conceived. Some of them have been scrubbed from the internet over the years, but others have not. So my work is still out there, inspiring people to sin. I suppose I should be ashamed.

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You know the Simpsons meme "Don't forget, you're here forever"? Yeah, that's not actually a meme. This site basically ruins the entire rest of the internet for you, if I wanted to quit 4chan I'd have to just quit being online at all.

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I have tossed and turned and brooded for weeks about a novella I've written about a love triangle between two beautiful women and a man. I'm brooding because it ends with one of the women murdering the other in cold blood and completely getting away with it, and the novella ends with her happily married and pregnant with the man's child, and regretting absolutely nothing of what she's done.

It is the most vile and black-hearted thing I have ever written and I'm terrified to publish it, because I consider myself a pretty good and upstanding guy. Is it right, is it just, to publish depictions of evil deeds that reap rewards but no punishments? Is it an evil thing in itself to depict evil as reaping rewards? I tell myself that the particular circumstances of this story are such that it's not likely to inspire imitators. I also tell myself that the actual narration of the story does not in any way praise or applaud the victorious woman for her murder, and in fact leaves you open to the idea that she's done something horrifying. But the fact remains that within the story itself she does do a terrible thing and reap rewards from it, and suffers no consequences except a guilty heart. And I think this is deeply bothering me, because as I've moved towards publishing it I've lain awake in bed for a few nights this week. I'm debating whether or not to just abandon the story and delete it, because it seems to be bothering me on a deep and powerful level. Yet, again, is there anything wrong with depicting evil deeds resulting in rewards, as long as the narration itself doesn't endorse the acts themselves?

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>tfw I wrote several long narrative poems in 2019

I'm hesitant to post them here on /lit/ because I still hope to get them published. Somehow.

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Threads like this are why /lit/ is necessary. Even now, as much as this board has degraded, at least I can come here and talk about great literature and actually get people to say something about it, even if it's just a shitpost. IRL if you bring up the Iliad or the Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost most people don't even know what you're talking about.

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I keep having such incredibly bad luck with women. I am actually reasonably attractive, or so I think. I'm relatively /fit/ and I can hold a good conversation. I just keep having fucking awful luck. Every woman I ask either already has a boyfriend, doesn't reply to me when I reach out to them, or something genuinely freakish takes them out of play.

The last time I was on the verge of actually meeting a woman for coffee, she came down with a terrible, long-lasting illness that kept her confined to her apartment for months, and I haven't heard from her since. It's like the universe is determined to keep me single.

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it isn't

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I want this ride to stop

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>0 (zero) good threads up today

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