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>"Just a couple of things"
>Lists more than 2

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>sit next to someone reading YA flick tier garbage on the subway
>conspicuously inspect their book cover
>Let out an audible chuckle
>Leave at the next station
I do this every once in a while.
Yes, it's cringe.
No, you won't stop me.

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I avoid any reference to modern technology when I write, my novels are either situated within the 19th century, or I avoid any mention of technology, making my character evolve in a blurry and unknown timeline.
I just feel like my novels would become lame if my characters were to receive a text, or an email.
Am I a contrarian faggot? I tried to think about why I do this, and many responses come to mind
Firstly, I do not want to be associated with contemporary writings.
Then, I want my novels to remain relevant, emails and text messages are probably going to be considered silly in a few decades, just like pagers or faxes are now.
Lastly, I write characters that suffer, and I feel like modernity erases a lot of suffering, at least physical suffering, and it makes for an uninteresting book. I want not to abandon the principle of struggle in my novels.

What do you think, do you do this too, and why?

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>unironically recommending tiktok

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