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No. The truth is, once its out, there actually is an ancient excerpt from an ancient test chapter deep in the /lit/ archives but its not something that actually exists in the final book. Its easy to find once you know one of the main pieces of terminology that pops up over an over again

heres an excerpt from the first and only erotica ive written so far. It doesnt represent the quality of my "actual" book, not even close, but im still comfortable and confident in saying that its objectively better than anything in the /lit/ critique threads and written by professional standards

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I already did this in a critique thread and it was exactly the case

pic related, although im sure the literal retard that is>>12609907 actually thinks im trying to make this erotica read like nabokov because erotica is certainly made for the same audience that reads actual fucking books let alone "actual" books instead of ya romance

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theres a page

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