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Pynchon is dogshit and he's the single most overrated author on this pseudheap of a board. Length ≠ quality.

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>ywn use her belly as a pillow and read your own book on it

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>tfw online shopping has made used book shops in my area practically scalpers who sell their books at close to retail.

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You're disgusting. I have the utmost contempt for fuckers like you who clearly shouldn't be anywhere near a university if you can't even writing a fucking essay. maybe you should've spent those hours researching your fucking essay topic you loathsome cunt. Your kind clog fucking classrooms and tutorials and clearly know absolutely nothing about the course, making them fucking pointless and turning them into fucking lecture sessions. Then, to counter you lazy fucks, more and more courses are turning to major exams rather than major assignments, fucking over anyone who actually cares about the subject or wants to develop their essay writing skills. Not only that, but you cheapen degrees even more than they already are, further fucking everyone over. Just save your money and just drop out. I hope whatever essay mill you choose to cheat from hands you a plagerised paper and gets you expelled, then you can to stand in front of your parents and tell them how much of a pathetic failure you are.

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fugg :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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>Authors notes
>Translators notes

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