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Select something that is both light and interesting to consider. What I mean is that in the case of a book club, the concept involved is more important than the literary merit. (Not to say you can't have both.) What I'd recommend is 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

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but what did jesus actually do
try not to use sophistry

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Why is human cultural development so entrenched in not wanting to be human anymore? Science seeks to eliminate disease, death, and all human vulnerabilities, leaving Earth behind, and generally making humans "more than 'just' humans". Religion is all about "ascending" and "elevating the soul" to leave the material universe behind, whether it's the concept of going to Heaven, or exiting Samsara, or escaping the Demiurge's illusions, etc., it is again about becoming more than "just" human. Philosophy tries to, essentially, "discover" those absolute laws, behaviours, and values that would, again, put man above himself, basically the way man should be in order to be more than human. I ask: what the fuck is so wrong with being human and when will these copes cease?

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