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Your sexual sublimation into technology will not go well with a computer. You will not be able to divide the two as you do with a book. You Will become infatuated with your personae and so lose the ability to interact with mates, while yet being drawn to it as both intellectual and sexual stimulus, fulfilling your validation seeking with a false sense of self. You will die alone like we all will, but at the end you'll have died a normal person having only read used hardcover books with no annotations, no underlines, no disturbed spine, just a plain old text for the eye to see - if you're not reading brail yet that is....

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Thieves should get there hands cut off. I had my motorcycle stolen and a thousand other little mementos. People have stole from my home, my car. Fuck thieves.

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It's about building growth into new markets by spore samples and implementing razor edge at certain times to address unwanted vision problems with lens and their caretakers.

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