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>Does it matter?
Considering Sanders and Ocasio are the leaders of the Democratic Party and actually want Leninist Socialism, yes. That is concerning. Because their only solution to our problem is to just keep pumping money into our broken system and neither of them even know where they're going to get their money from. So yes, it does matter politically because while both parties are absolute cancer, Democrats want to accelerate things to a whole new level.
>But do you see the parallels I was drawing for you?
Yes, I see them. They're all doing it for the corporation, so if you view the corporation as a nation, they're working to fulfill the goals of the country to make it as prosperous as possible but since corporations aren't nations, and we see the finer details such as people mainly having these jobs so they have some money, that idea gets thrown out the window. Whites in the US want to help the whole of the country, Latin Americans just want to import more of their own kind and establish this country as an extension of the one they just left, blacks just want more welfare since they're lazy, entitled pricks, and Asians are just hanging out doing their own thing but still voting Democrat.
Your problem, is you can't see the consequences arising from completely changing the country to be something new entirely. You believe that if this country was founded by Chinese that spoke Hindi and followed Islam as their religion, then we'd still have those Christian, Puritan,Calvinist, and English values this nation was founded on.

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