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Why does this read so much like Pynchon? Did he ever cite Kesey as an influence?

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I started reading this and absolutely lost my shit when it mentioned one of the characters owning a 'feed and seed' store

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Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey

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Has anyone read this?excellent novel that is rarely discussed here

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No one else?

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Nominate a book that is really good but rarely mentioned here. A book you wouldn't be ashamed of suggesting to others.

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More people need to read this.

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Why won't you guys read this and give it the praise it deserves?

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I'll keep these Allende titles in mind. I've ben wondering if I should venture into her stuff at all.
I'm still kind of burnt out by reading three Amy Tan novels I've read. Kitchen Gods Wife and The Hundred Secret Senses, were both nice.

Lit has recommended Sometimes a Great Notion, too.

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