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I've been reading wodehouse for thirty to forty five minutes every night before bed and it is the perfect comfytier, undemanding, /lit/ for that sort of thing.

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>Just reach 110,000 words
I'm so close bros. Another week or two and I'm finished.
Also out of curiosity, are there any alternatives to word (or even addons for word) that have a thing keep track of how many words you've written that session? My goal is 2000 words a day and I'd love something that just sits there and goes "500/2000 words" or whatever.

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Congratulations anon. I've just hit 102,000 words of my first draft (well actually I'm 300 words away but I'm literally writing around making this reply).

Do you think it's particularly important not to go over 120k words for debut? I have material actually planned out that could easily take me to 200k+ words, and un-fleshed ideas for several hundred thousand more beyond.

I'm wondering now if I should cut my story short soon (well not short, but end the first 'instalment' at a reasonable place) and save the rest for a sequel.

I suppose that would make working on my second draft and doing re-writes and edits far more manageable due to the decreased size, but I know it would absolutely bother me because the story would be unfinished.

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>you've just devoured 50 pages with maximum comprehension in what seems like an instant.
> The story, message and logic of the author courses through your mind and engages you on a level nearing hallucination.
> the voice in your head is gone and the words simply flow from the pages into your mind like a computer reading data
Where are you? how are you sitting? do you have a drink?
What's your optimal reading set-up?

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What are some comfy settings you like reading/writing about? I personally like anything to do with winter and college/early 20s young adults making their way through life in an urban setting.

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Are you guys excited for the new Decameron ? how much likely is it to have multiple ones ? i'm thinking we will have at least 2 big ones, the Italians and the Chinese

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alright, quitting my job today

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>thoughts of death not being a comfort

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Best book I read this year was East of Eden. I want something similar for coming winter nights. A long, comfy, versatile epic to immerse myself in.

Any recommendations?

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this anon speaks wisdom

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What are essential /comfy/ core books you would want included in a /lit/ comfy book image guide? It's getting cold and I'm getting /comfy/ af senpai

I'd include
>Dubliners by Joyce
>A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by Joyce
>Kafka's selected stories

What would you include?

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yeah bro maga or whatever, it's a lot more exciting than anything else lately

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I'm reading the Silmarillion, probably the comfiest book I've ever read.

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>entire Gotrek and Felix collection

well done

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Hello /lit/, i don't browse this board often but i would like to get some helps finding some comfy books. With being comfy i mean cozy and relaxing, while still being a good plot.

What books do you think are comfy and what would you recommend?

Thank you in advance

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Favorite poet is Witman if we're talking non-epics.

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I wrote this poem for /v/ last night but it was not well received due to it being more than 5 lines long and not rhyming.
They have simple minds over there.

Any ideas on how to pare it down without losing too much?

by Anon Anonovsky

Then cold October comes,
And I put a pot of coffee on.
I hear it percolating as I walk
Up the creaking staircase
(it's an old house, and every
creaking floorboard tells a story)
To get a blanket from the closet.
I push aside a tangle of electrical cords:
the power brick from my Gamecube
which brings back high school memories
playing Smash and TimeSplitters,
woven together with the power cord
from the first PC I ever built. (I still remember
that first boot sequence, as if I were
Doctor Frankenstein and my rig
the curious monster.)
I push it all aside and draw up
handfuls of a deep red blanket.
Wrapped around my shoulders,
It envelops me like a plus +3 cloak of constitution.
Downstairs the coffee is done.
I pour a mug and settle into my spot on the couch.
These new generation console controllers
still feel unfamiliar in my hands,
As if your favorite flavor of Doritos
had changed the recipe just enough
to make you sense something amiss.
The television screen glows to life.
The grey fall sky outside opens up
and rain begins to spit upon the windows.
A gentle patter enveloping the house,
Shrouding me from the outside world.
I take a sip of the dark, bold brew,
Wrap the blanket tight around my shoulders,
And click my fingers against the buttons.
In an instant I am somewhere else,
Another place in time or space or
maybe even an alternate reality.
I am a hero, a champion,
A leader... I am not the boy
Sitting alone in a darkened room
Swaddled against the cold,
With thumbs working furiously
across a piece of plastic and wires.
I am whoever I choose to be,
A life among infinite lives.
Reality takes a backseat
to the world within the game.
I am content.

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What's a good book with comfy atmosphere?

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