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His criticisms of Hitler and the national socialist regime are honestly quite pathetic, and are rooted in a mix of contrarianism and butthurt that his specific brand of accelerationist national bolshevism (that would totally have the opposite effect of making Germany MORE nationalist and aristocratic, paint your house red by buying more blue paint shit) went nowhere in the 1930s.
Goebbels called him a wonderful poet but an idiot politically and I can't disagree.

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Every good author has survived a war. Junger, Rilke, Orwell, Hemingway. Then if you survive you have plenty of time to reflect on pain, fate and human nature. Plus you get chad points to flex on academics.

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The psychedelics ruined his writings and turned his ideology completely incoherent.

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>are there left-leaning aesthetes
Yes, sadly they are the majority in modern art.
I think it can go both ways. Marxists, for instance, will cite capitalism as having a degenerative force on art due to its focus on profit over aesthetics. This is also why capitalist countries tend to destroy culture and race: their interest is in quantity rather than quality. However, communist ideology itself is hyper-quantitative because of its preoccupation with economic modes of production rather than organic aestheticism. The fascist, on the other hand, is fundamentally an aesthete in that he treats his people as a clay ready to be shaped into a mighty statue no matter the cost.

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>The Right has no real intellec-

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I am in absolute awe of this man's life and work

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>gets wounded seven times in your path

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Junger > Schmitt
You know it's true.

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What makes men like junger, psychologically, exist.

>war hero
>wide range of interests, from studying insects to history, philosophy, ethnography, nutrition and so on
>sensitive yet strong

Is there an archetype for people like this? My father died when I was young and I have, taken him as a late fatherhood figure as pathetic as it sounds.

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Storm of Steel taught me to stop being a whiny coward.

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My 'reading career' seems to be atypical. I haven't read any literature for young readers -- or, as its now called, young adults (YA). After reading children's books (or having them read to me), I basically stopped reading and only played video games or watched television until I was around 16 years old.

But then I immediately started reading Bernhard, Kafka, Jünger, Ellis, Houellebecq, DFW etc. -- in hindsight, this might have been bad for my brain. However, biographies often describe the readings during the 'formative years' of a person, e.g. Ernst Jünger used to read a lot of Jack London and other adventure stories.

I now want to read some of that stuff and see what it does for me. So please recommend some good 'real YA' literature (that's not modern SJW trash). So far I came up with the following authors:

- Jules Verne
- Jack London
- J.R.R. Tolkien
- Robert L. Stevenson
- JD Salinger
- Daniel Defoe
- Theodor Fontane

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what about this guy

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Based Ernst
What a hero
You can tell straight away that Storm of Steel is a far more realistic account of the war

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What are some writers that one would call "warrior-philosophers"?
Pic very much related

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How can one man be so based?

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good, but you might be using the n word a little too much

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Thoughts on this man?

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Whatever happened with 1/5 "nigger" novella anon? Did he finally self publish?

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at what point does using the word "nigger" become artistically unacceptable?
I just did a search for nigger in my 55,000 word novella and it returned 11,986 results.
Is this too much? I want to write realistically but does there come a point where it detracts from the artistry?
It's a modern day story dealing with many present-day social issues and my main character is what most would consider a "racist" and so he is very flippant with the word's use but I'm worried that publishers will not accept my novella or see its artistic merit because of this and instead condemn it for being insensitive or intentionally inflammatory. But how else am I supposed to write this sort of character?
How often should I use the word?

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Its a highly enthralling and engaging novel.
Throwing you right into the action, Junger focuses purely on the facts of the war. He barely ever slides into sentimentality and constantly seeks to provide a space for heroism in the brutality of modern war.

To me it blows the other WW1 books out of the water.

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