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Has anybody in /lit/ made it?

Did you successfully have your novel published and are now working on another based on the success of your first?

Thinking of writing a novel for the sake of writing one, but I'm just curious if any of you have made it.

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Did you know "Floyd" is just another name for "dick"?

So really, the band you're listening to is Pink Dick ... Got something you want to share with the rest of us, anon?

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Why don't we workshop a script, and send it to him?
Most of the work is done.
He'll see there's a dedicated audience.
Probably wants to expand a bit creatively, just as a fall back if the gaming thing becomes stale.

He's not into fantasy. He likes cyberpunk, so a script on Snow Crash, Neuromancer to get the ball rolling?

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>I just did a search for nigger in my 55,000 word novella and it returned 11,986 results.
so your novel is roughly 22% nigger
>here you go. It's a first-person narrative:
this excerpt is 17% nigger
>okay here is a 500 word excerpt from it
and this one only 12%

wouold you please post an excerpt with a more dense use of the word?

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big stomach but otherwise not really

Sounds like you want something a bit more comedic than I

I dont intend on selling it. I can release things related to X property for free online

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no but this post will

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>Kameron Hurley
It's unclear to me whether this is a man or a woman.

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