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What the fuck are you on about? You're just reinforcing my point about politicians being impotent pricks. The inability to implement useful measures in a timely manner whilst prioritizing political gain and appealing to their constituency is exactly my point. They're the idiots who keep moving the goalposts without ever attaining a useful goal. The half-measures you mentioned are still a reality, and the vaccine is one of them. "Oh, if we don't get 70%, wait no 80%, wait no 90% vaccination then we will just be variant factories and won't be able to go to McDonalds for another winter!" If your solution rests on vaccinating near 100% of the population, your solution is bound to fail. You're the brainwashed faggot for not having an ounce of critical thinking and giving your anus up to the highest pharmaceutical bidder. The same companies who have been called out for fraud and other illegal activity countless times. Get a grip, take the nip, and stop being so homosexual about it.

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They’re no match for ISIS

Where is your god now, Assyrians?

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