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>Not only did it have this anti-bourgeois critical stance in common with the left, it derived much of it from the left directly.
This gets it, I think. The idea seems like their problem is not so much with people being commanded and ordered around, and higher and lower orders, but that the bourgeoisie in their day was decadent, inefficient, ineffective. The booj didn't have the verve and energy to save what the fascists perceived as a moribund and dying nation. The fascists attracted people from across classes, but a lot of land-owning middle class types, shopkeepers, and also demobilized soldiers who despised the bourgeoisie and believed in a kind of muscular front-line military comradeship as opposed to a left-wing socialist comradeship. Then there were avant-garde types in the mix, and like you said, they borrowed some stances from the left -- and could even be confused for a left-wing movement in the beginning, but once taking power, you see how the chips fell.

You know who this reminds me of today? Well you're looking at one. She's not a conservative. She likes to play with the communists, she has a kind of avant-garde futurist weirdness (it helps she can afford it), plus the background she chose while offering a recent "proposition" to the communists is an image of a power-seeking villain who betrays his former allies (top 10 anime betrayals). I think people like her, and people around her feel like the other boojies and the liberal politicians don't have the will and spirit to do stuff, to overcome inefficiencies, and they'd probably like to install themselves in power. That sounds kind of crazy, but they're still going to be around in 10 years, things could get a lot worse in that timeframe, and this is who they're competing against:


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