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The Fall
The Light expelled my soul from its domain;
I hurtled toward the open ocean blue
Accompanied by thunder and the rain.
Between the clouds, its surface came in view,
Covered in indigo -- it seemed so smooth
And flawless like a marble in the sky.
Then I began to see its features move;
The rivers in the ocean seen from high
Hugged along the naked shoreline;
It would recede and swell by Luna's eye,
Leaving white foam upon the beaches
Then rolling back into the currents line.
When I had cleared the clouds,
The Earth revealed its countless waves
That moved in tides; sometimes they would
Clash against another crest by their side.
I slammed into the sea and saw the splash
Disappear in stormy chop.
The weight of sin submerged my soul.
I plunged beyond the surface that swirls
To black and cold abyss
Where Light shall fail to shine,
Where senses freeze and die.
There is no me;
I was consumed in bleak eternity;
There is only
The Dark.

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