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For the record I do not advocate for beatings, I just write about them

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Living my best life anon, are you?

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I wonder if people will pigeon hole me as far left or far right, I think one of the best parts of the 2nd book I wrote is how nobody is really the good guy and class struggle is, hopefully, shown with some empathy & without too much bias while still being violent and darkly humourous

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What's the culture like in your city?

Here in Vancouver, Canada, and all the suburbs, the entire place is infested with crackheads and bleeding hearts. That's what lead to my 2nd book!

What is interesting or unusual, perhaps disgusting or scary about the neighbourhood you're in? Any local legends? Any super weird kids you grew up knowing? There are a number of really weird murders committed by rich kids in the last 10-15 years locally. There was a crazy story of a body that was dumped in a car where a group of rich friends kidnapped their richest friend and held them hostage for random, and at one point several people were driving the guy around in the trunk of a car, and it got too heaty so they parked it for awhile on a quiet street. Well, apparently, nobody checked up on him for days and the guy died in the trunk, then everyone ratted on each other but they were all from rich families so the court case is like completely gone from the internet and any searches. I remember looking at their profiles on Facebook years ago and you could pinpoint the time on a bunch of their profiles where they all started acting funny, it was fucked!

I seriously wanna write a story about it because if I remember correctly one of the guy's girlfriends killed herself out of shame that she didn't report it or something.

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People are literally more rewarded in life just by purchasing real estate or investing in meme stocks than to do the incredibly time-consuming process to complete a novel that attempts to have a greater meaning while simultaneously being a fun, lively read.

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I'm not sure if this is absolutely based or fucking cringe?

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Creative writing leads to imagery.

Post any imagines you've drawn after your deep creative writing sessions!

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Anything outside of corporate-controlled art is the counter-culture.

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Well, I've lived an extraordinary life and had many wild experiences that the majority of introverted nerds could never even imagine let alone believe some 43 year old boomer on a Maori Abstinence Forum could have achieved, so, to me, the impossible seems routine.

I've got buyers waiting for printed copies already, I just can't print them yet because my glue supply went bad during the heatwave. I have some more coming.

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I'm not sure that's true anymore, I guess we'll see when I roll out the next couple of turd books I've written!

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Maybe I am a schizo, but my characters talk to me.

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My horrifically bad self-published trash fiction was 100% inspired by 90+ days of watching AustinZone and seeing Portland burn while Canadian news didn't even cover it one bit, meanwhile, when January 6th happened the Canadian media made it look like the world was ending.

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Well, let's see what happens in The Shitkickers:
>mc has his bike stolen
>mc goes for a drink to calm down
>mc gets a tip where his bike is and goes to ask nicely for it back and gets beat up
>mc decides to move on and forget about it, goes out for a night and gets roofied(happens often in Vancouver)
>mc witnesses a business looted and the useless cops do nothing, decides to become a vigilante and records himself assaulting thieves
>mc uploads the video of his strike back against the lawlessness
>mc shocked he is so popular and gov't announces it was a terror attack
>mc buys new shoes as the ones he was wearing during the attack were ruined
>mc gets blackmailed by the woman who sold him new shoes
act 2:
>6 weeks later mc is glued to the progress of the cops in trying to catch him, his alcoholism and anxiety are getting out of control
>blackmail woman is now profiting from underground videos of assaults as the defund the police movement grows
>mc's life gets more and more complicated and he regrets everything
>mc blackmailed into sending a message to s nosey reporter, ends up committing a second vigilante act
>mc tricked into being lured into committing even more acts of violence
>mc is drugged up and hypnotized into a serious act
>mc loses his girlfriend as his lies and lifestyle impact her life terribly
>mc gives up resisting the blackmail lady and helps raid a tent city and a bunch of children are freed from captivity
act 3:
>blackmail lady reveals her scheme to gain social / political power
>blackmail lady is so rich from donations and underground fight videos, she thanks mc who is a full blown manic depressive alcoholic now
>blackmail lady puts her plans in motion and mc is again tasked with violence in support of her
>mc takes out the lead investigator who pulls a false flag to disrupt blackmail lady's plans
>mc is in the hospital for a month while blackmail lady ties up loose ends for him, mc is free from her blackmail finally
>mc tries to put his life back together and is feeling optimistic. he regrets everything and just wants his old life back. he is so sorry
>mc goes through his darkest point
>mc has an ending that shows how he has changed

So far, all of the liquor store workers and bud-tenders I've given copies to love the book. If midwits like it, I'm super happy. It was so much fun to write!

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How hard is it to buy a few Faceberg, Twatter, Instascam and Le plebbit ads?

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>better writer thread
>turns into porn actor thread
Somebody needs a shitkicking

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It is fun playing around with designs related to your book! Artistry requires you to explore other mediums, even if you're not good at it, because they can produce ideas or feelings that help you in your original format.

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>go on /Lit/
>non-stop defeatist, demoralization threads
Gee, why aren't so few authors or writers posting here

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The authors and writers who lurk on this board are awash in self-doubt from all the defeatists on here. The hatred directed at Waldun, for example, is pure venom for someone daring to self-express. It comes from jealousy.

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Move on with your life... whatever you do, don't become a vigilante. It's not worth it.

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This board is extremely harsh on anyone who shares their work, it discourages authors and writers from posting.

Then you end up with incel cope posts lasting for 300+ posts and 3+ days as your top thread.

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Do you think even half of /Lit/ has had sex in the last 2 years?

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