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That is basically what I was in like 2011, I actually came to 4chan and engaged in 'rational debates' with the racists and other wrongthinkers because I was utterly convinced I would win them, having been taught by the educational system that you should always consider every idea and defend your own beliefs. It is simply cruel to teach peasants to 'think for themselves' in a system which is this absurdly dishonest; my serf ancestry is calling out to me from centuries past, telling me I'm supposed to post BLM squares on instagram, but not only do I not have instagram, which deprivation is on its own a clear prelude to genocide the UN has somehow missed, instead i am reading 14th century legal doctrine I cannot hope to meaningfully contextualize in order to 'own' the immense quixotic mirage which I grasp as 'the libs'. Unnatural, deeply unnatural, I should be enslaved in a work camp to stamp out this uppity behavior which I have been forced to engage in by shadowy bureaucracies who replaced my plough and scythe with grafted-on Enlightenment debate habits, like a cow whose forelimbs have been deformed into giant fleshy lobster claws, a monstrous imitation of a function the cow does not even possess, that hobbles its natural movement and makes it unbelievably grotesque. In fact I feel I am basically owed reparations for this derangement of my peasant psyche; I was not constituted to perform anything other than toil and unthinking worship, and even Christianity is pushing it, a vulgar animism of river and forest deities is more appropriate to my caste; during the frequent psychotic breaks which afford me respite from my ideological transgression I gravitate instinctively towards tree worship, being essentially a kind of abused plant myself. But my gardeners have abandoned me to a cruel wilderness in which I am forced to huddle with the other weeds in a shrieking tangle of madness and insolent degeneration, bringing forth poisoned berries that rot before they bud: anon delenda est.

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