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>whitey in background stealing lego sets

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>Griffith killed his own creator to make sure that Guts could never get his revenge

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Elliott needed a goddamn therapist, no untrained person could have saved him. Have you read his manifesto? The guy didn't just suffer due to a feeling of inadequacy: he was a fullblown delusional narcissist, to the point where it's almost comical to read his actual thoughts and expectations (the lottery passages, with him having a nervous breakdown after having discovered that he did not win, and slashing his knife in the hair while crying and screaming, that's some of the funniest shit I've ever read). This guy quite literally expected people to treat him like a demi-God for absolutely ludicrous reasons. To turn him into a normal person you would have had to literally shatter his entire worldview.

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Why isn't depression widely documented in literature before the 19th century?

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Absolutely terrible, ignore this list at all cost.

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Hegel never said that we will eventually reach utopia, that's a strawman.
Unironically Schopenhauer's system is much more of a cope, and it is WAAAY more metaphysically speculative. At the end of the day he was a depressed, melodrammatic nigga who tried to reify his own depr4ssion and pessimism into a goddamn cosmic principle (the Will). Of the two, Schoppy is likely the quack

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>be me
>started reading Plato, accompanied by a good scholar, from Sophist
>since then I have mostly read other late dialogues
>Never read Republic so far
>tfw it's the only dialogue people want to talk about
>tfw no one cares about Timaeus, Philebus, Statesman, Laws, etc
FINE, I'll read the fucking thing

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What does a guy who spent his whole life reading philosophy and literature in his room have to offer to the world?

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this is not the kind of thing that requires citation.

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The one thing fiction books portray realistically is love because only attractive people experience it

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