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Are you sure your thread wasn't deleted for being thinly veiled blogposting bait

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>he thinks there is going to be a "planet ruler" and not a new multi-polar universalist system
pleb tier arborescence. No civilizations ever really ruled the planet, that was always a delusion. Did Rome stretch across the entire globe? Did Britain? Did America even? Not for a second. The Chinese future is not a world empire but a true universal pluralism, and you're a pleb if you can't see it.

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>115 OHP 1RM
lanklet pls go

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>I turned 20 this year and it made me think about my wasted youth - no friendships, romance, fun memories or lessons learned.

If you were 30 that would be less pathetic.
You are still literally a child, go outside.

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My based brothers

Cringe tranny faggots get the fuck out

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>buy book in "good condition"
>a chunk of the front cover is missing

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As always.

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Kant and Hegel earned very little from their books. Hell, the Phenomenology of Spirit was printed in 1000 copies, Hegel would get 4% and they sold out in 1830 (one year before his death).
These people's earning came for either patrons (as in the case of Nietzsche for example) or from their lectures (as it was the case for Kant and Hegel).
Today thr situation is even more dire. You'll usually get less than 3% on a book sale, and the average philosophy book sell less thsn 150 copies (a philosophy book with 1000 sold copies is considered a best seller).

So, no, philosophers don't even make a living with their books, let alonr be rich. In fsct once you consider thr amount of working hours spent on it, it immediatly becomes clear that writing books is a financial net negative for philosophers.

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Chinese philosophy seems to really click with me.

I have 6 translations of the Tao Te Ching, a copy of The Mengzi, and 4 translations of the The Analects of Confucius.

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>Why do people believe in ARBITRARY VALUE? Why can't we all agree that ARBITRARY VALUE is better?

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This is so pseud it hurts. Please stop.

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There's a good review out there that points out some historical inaccuracies. IIRC you can find it on Amazon. I don't know of any outright refutations though, even Scott Alexander hasn't managed to come up with one.

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>watches anime

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>you need to prove Gods existence

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