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> a pyriad

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>How? Poor & vile with modern sanitation is better than poor & vile without.
Dude don't ever go to India

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>that time the Nazis had to ban Celine because he kept criticizing them for not killing Jews fast enough

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What would happen if you put The One Ring on your dick?

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Why are feminists so obsessed with dicks?

Do they secretly crave a good, penetrative, heterosexual fuck?

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>I couldn't be more happy for you.

Thanks anon, I am pretty happy. I'm going to enjoy eight amazing years of leftist weeping and moaning about how their stupid bank shill didn't get elected. Trump's not even in the White House yet and the butthurt levels have been off the charts, I can't wait to see what happens in a couple weeks. You have to understand that watching leftists get upset is like free entertainment for me, and since Trump is so good at creating these freakouts I can forgive the fact that he's a pleb.

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>Turn 16
>Discover Nietzche
>Discover who Nietzche liked
>Discover who liked Nietzche
>Browse all their Wikipedia articles
>Post on /lit/

That about right?

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