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Why is fascism more censored than marxism? What is it that makes fascism more frightening to western leaders than communism? I don't get it.

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My entire personality is based on a villain from a 1949 film.

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But there is an audience on imageboards.

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Give me your best suggestions for a book that will challenge me so much it could change me.

Hard-mode: No political crap, I'm not really interested in falling into left or right-wing ideology.

I mean spiritual, metaphysical, philosophical stuff, stuff that is larger than life, larger than petty politics.

I'm NEET if it matters

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What is the greatest 21st-century novel?

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>he actually searched for sources

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>Aesthetic Ketman, the practice of escaping from Socialist Realism by secretly filling one's life with art, literature, and music of past ages.
Replace "socialist realism" with "current timeline" and it will be literally me.

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>non-fiction book
>"Reads like a thriller" - New York Times

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At least I don’t have. I form an abstract image in my mind instead of speaking to myself when I ponder. Am I a NPC?

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What’s the point of majoring in literature at university? Like, just read the books in your free time, bro. You don’t need professors and classes to explain literature to you unlike other subjects like math, economics, philosophy etc..

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I'm not actually gunna die right guys?

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why is OP so gay?

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Did you know that much of enlightenment discourse on freedom and equality was basically Kickstarted by an indigenous thinker called kondiaronk. I didn't know this until now. What are some books that can help me understand the influence of indigenous/African/Islamic/Asian thought on enlightenment discourse?

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>tfw know people who unironically bought and read this

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What are some philosophers whose philosophies are actually useful and applicable to everyday life? I'm sick of reading about abstract theories about the nature of reality, I just want to know how to live a good life.

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Philosophy books are useless.

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I’ve yet to meet a single person in my entire life that didn’t eventually become a net negative. Excluding of course my mother.

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Man and his symbols was the last book Jung authoured, and supposedly was designed to introduce his content to those that weren't familiar with his work, though personally I find there isn't a great difference between most of his works and that one.

I would also recommend modern man in search of a soul and maybe the red/black books if you want to read his personal experience of mental illness.

Well, if my judgement as a honours graduate in science is of any use, I find Jung to actually be very left brained and critical in most of his writings, and is very much a scientist in every sense of the word. He never makes assertions or conclusions without due evidence and enquiry. Despite that, the psychological contents he deals with is by nature extremely difficult to systematize and study in any reproducible manner. His theory of archetypes is however very well supported and can be consistently observed in the psyche of many different peoples independent of culture or personality. So I would say yes, he deals with it in a strictly scientific way despite the nature of his work.

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>accusing reddit of being anti Marx

Are you out of you mind?

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Name fifteen literatures

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I refuse to read Anna Karenina because it was my ex-girlfriend’s favorite book. Also anything by Hesse goes to the trash

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When I’m reading in my native language (portuguese) I always come across bizarre new words and expressions. Happens on every page. Yet when I’m reading in English this rarely happens, even though my vocabulary in Portuguese is much vaster. I don’t know if this means English is a bit more limited or if English translators and writers are more reasonable in their choice of words, but it’s weird that it’s easier for me to read Thomas Mann in English than in Portuguese. In Portuguese you can find countless obscure synonyms for every common word and translators and writers have no inhibition when it comes to employing all of them in the same paragraph, especially when they can add some poeticism that wasn’t in the original work

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I dislike my mom. Period

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Mfw one lone autist posts every waldun thread, and his name is waldun.

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