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I'm a slow reader. Whenever reading fiction or dialogues, I like to visualize it all and "live it". However that means I'm slow as shit and I never get to the end.

How fast are you? It takes me 3 minutes per page on the half A4 book. Should I work on it? Stop subvocalizing or something?

I wouldn't want to speed read, but when I hear that my friend reads 4 books a month, I feel I can and should do much better.

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I've recently got back in to reading and on average it takes me (depending on interest in the material) about 4/5 days to finish a ~300p. book.
Is this a normal speed?
>Book you last read and how many pages it was.
>How long it took you to finish.

The person with the quickest reading wins a free copy of The 12 Rules of Life.

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What's the ideal PPM (pages per minute) you should have while reading a book?
Right now my PPM is round 0.6 and I feel like that's fast enough.

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Is speed reading a bad thing?

Does it diminishes the joy and pleasure you get out of reading a good book, or do you learn to enjoy reading at a fast pace?

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Hi /lit/ are there any tips or tricks to reading faster ? I am kind of a slow reader and I really want to step it up. How do I improve apart from simply reading more ?

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Friendly reminder that speed reading is a meme.

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How can I go about learning to speed read? I don't necessary have to achieve 1kw/m but I'd definitely like to improve my reading speed since it would be a useful skill.

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Up until I was 14 I read unceasingly, I barely went out and whatnot. Naturally, became able to read extremely fast during that time; but it all ended mid-highschool.

Jump to now, the present. I'm 22 and while my reading speed is faster than average, I've found out that when I smoke marihuana and get only slightly high, I'm able to read about 35-60% faster with the same amount of recollection; and can push it even further, sacrificing some text comprehension.

Anyone else with a similar experience?

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which one can I read through most quickly?

—RC Lewontin, Biology as Ideology
—George Orwell, Animal Farm
—Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince
—Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness
—Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness
—Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents
—Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto

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